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Science of Mind 300 Series

Science of Mind 300 Series - Practitioner Studies

The Science of Mind 300 Series is designed for the serious student. It is intended to deepen the student's practice and understanding of Affirmative Prayer and our power to co-create our world. Currently, prerequisites for the 300 series are successful completion of the SOM 100 and SOM 200 courses. SOM 300 consists of 32 weekly classes divided into four terms.

The successful student, upon completion of the 300 Series, will have completed the necessary requirements to apply for licensing as a Practitioner. months

TERM 1 – 10 Weeks – How Life Gets To Be The Way It Is

Text: The Science of Mind (1938) – Ernest Holmes, Care of the Soul – Thomas Moore, Practicing the Presence – Joel Goldsmith

TERM 2 – 10 Weeks – Living a Life of Choice

Text: The Principles of Healing – H.B. Jeffrey, Living The Science of Mind – Ernest Holmes, Effective Prayer – Ernest Holmes (if available, booklet)

TERM 3 – 5 Weeks – Living Life Fully

Text: Elegant Choices, Healing Choices – Marsha Sinetar, The Bible

TERM 4 – 7 Weeks – Practitioner-Client Relationship

Practitioner-Client Session. Professional Skills & Responsibilities.
Text: Will The Real Me Please Stand Up? – John Powell, S.J. and Loretta Brady, M.S.W., The ICSL Practitioner Manual

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